Day 2 – 20 Facts About You – 30 Day Blog Challenge

20 Facts About You

  • I can confidently play 7 instruments; and I started piano lessons when I was in grade 3.
  • I have been an animal lover since I was little. I was pretty bad for bringing snails and toads home as pets (they were my favourite).
  • I never took swimming lessons as a child. My dad taught me and I am a very strong swimmer to this day. I have completed a 2km swim in Georgian Bay as well!

Long Swim

  • I was part of the Mountain Biking & Nordic Skiing team in highschool. I made it to OFSSSA for Mountain Biking – but due to the car accident I was in (refractured my collarbone & concussion) I was not able to compete.
  •  I taught myself how to crochet when I was 13 from a stitch encyclopaedia that my Oma has given to my mom. The first blanket I ever made was for one of my mom’s friends babies!
  • My favorite number is 88.
  • I bought my first car (brand new) when I was 21.
  • Ryan and I bought our home when I was 22.
  • I have received quite a few nicknames over the years: Cheeny, Ferino, Iceburg, Pumpkin Butt.. haha oh the memories.. and list go on and on…
  • I have had 3 surgeries.
  • I only have 2 wisdom teeth (the other 2 never grew in!)
  • My favorite colours are: Blue, Purple, Red & Green
  • I have been driving atvs since I was about 9-10 years old.
  • My current email address I have had since I was in grade 10. (
  • I saved someones life paint balling in Wasaga Beach and I received an award from the OPP & St. Johns Ambulance for it !
  • I am able to type faster than I can write on paper.
  • I have an addiction to Pinterest (seriously love it!)
  • If it were possible, I would have about 10 dogs.
  • I rarely wear makeup.
  • I have been on an airplane. (In 1997 I went to Alberta)

And here is an

  • I catch myself multiple times a day realizing how much my personality is like my dads; and I love it. He is one of my biggest role models that has shown me you can do anything you put your mind to.


~ Stephanie xo


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