Day 3 – Your Favourite Store – 30 Day Blog Challenge

Wow, day 3 already! I can’t believe I have stuck with it! Go me!

Day 3 – Your Favourite Store

Hmmmm… my favourite store .. this is going to be a hard one…. I would have to go with Michaels being my favourite store. I could spend all day in that store finding ne Rainbow Loom Bands, craft supplies, canvases for printing, beads for the necklaces we make, kids craft and experiment books.. and last but not least…. YARN. Oh man, there is so much yarn! As soon as I get to that section of the store I get so giddy and excited like a little kid at Christmas time! So many colours, so many yarn weights, so many textures… so many PROJECT IDEAS!!!! *sigh* but there are never enough hours in a day! I have so many ideas… so many items.. so… much… awesomesauceness.

One of the awesome things about Michaels is the amount of coupons you can use, and receive on a regular basis. It is awesome how they have 40-50% off coupons every couple of weeks. They also do sales where you can take an additional percentage off on certain days for selected hrs. It is truly awesome!

Some awesome stuff I have made from Michaels purchases!

Reindeer hatrainbowloom2 rainbowloom popsiclesticks Owl Blanket monkeyhat halloween hat legwarmers fingerless mitts Cowl canvas doublecross candy yarn bracelets bracelet Baby Blanket baby hat and booties


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