Day 4 – Your Dream Job!

Well… sorry about that …

I kinda went MIA for a little while.. the last couple weeks have been crazy busy! Still working on setting time aside for me to be able to blog. I have a bad tendency to just go go go and not ask for help when I need it and then I wear myself out. Awwww well I get that trait from my Daddio!

When I started the challenge I said I would do the 30 day blog challenge.. Good thing I didn’t say 30 days of consecutive posting or I would have failed! Haha

Soo.. lets get on with this shall we?

My dream job…..

I think it would be absolutely amazing to have a full time career doing photography and have my photos published in high end popular magazines.  I think it would be pretty awesome because it would allow me to be able to share my beautiful work with people all around the world. I take great pride in my work and how my photos impact people.

It is such a humbling feeling when people constantly compliment me on the photos I have taken for them, or they see the photos I have taken and we have hanging in our home.


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